In the world of modern technology, VR has captured the public imaginations but there are some virtual reality myths as well. VR actually brings us closer to the dreams of the world. We are excited and fascinating by the idea of exploring the whole world especially the man-made world. A man-made world means an artificial environment that is created by humans. However, in this article, we are going to discuss the 5 common virtual reality myths. How these myths are surrounding VR technology.

Let’s take a deep look at the common virtual reality myths. These are as follows:

Myth 1: virtual reality is a brand new technology

Like artificial intelligence and other technologies e.g. cellphones, virtual reality technology is also an old invention. It’s a common myth among all the virtual reality myths that it is a brand new invention of technology. However, the fact is it is an old invention like other types of technologies. Virtual reality is evolving around the world for the last few decades. The first traces of this technology were found in 1966 and the first prototype was “The Sword of Damocles”.

Moreover, all the VR headsets were present already. It includes 3D visual audio, and also a device that blew scented in the air so that it will add a more realistic environment. As we know that in the 90s there is a lot of craze for virtual reality technology. In the 90s this technology brought so many underrated jewels like Sega VR, Jaguar VR, and cybermaxx. it is the most common myth among all the virtual reality myths.

Myth 2: virtual reality headset makes you feel sick

It is not a myth actually but there is some degree of truth in this. As we know that our brain adapts the limited things. It cannot adopt multiple stimuli because all the stimuli connect with the eyes instead of the whole body. Therefore, while adapting to virtual reality technology it is just focused only on the eyes. So it holds the definitive responsibility of identifying the change of heights. To reduce the nauseating effect short latency time was impacted. Hence, if you wish to adapt the virtual reality technology it is just a matter of being used to it. So, we can say that among all the virtual reality myths it is actually not considered a myth.

Myth 3: virtual reality is just for gaming purposes

As we know that there is a greater number of applications that are running on virtual reality technology. However, it is also used in different fields. It can also use for remote education for the purpose of spreading knowledge among the people. Let’s take an example of it. The doctor in South Africa who deals with the chronic absence of cancer, an organization taught him on skype how to diagnose and detect cancer. So we can say, VR reality is not just for gaming purposes. It considers in virtual reality myths but actually, it is not. However, VR is basically aids of e-learning courses from all over the world.

Myth 4: virtual reality is very expensive

This statement is considered true in the past but now it is not true anymore. As time passes the things have changed. If you wish to purchase a virtual reality headset you can purchase it because its cost is as average as an average console. So this myth is also busted from all the virtual reality myths. Moreover, google viewer can be used as an alternative VR headset. It is the most affordable option.

Myth 5: virtual reality discourages the physical activity

It includes the common virtual reality myths that surround in video game industry for years. The public never accepted the stereotype that a person is sitting on the couch playing with his Nintendo console. It is nothing but just a stereotype. There are many types of virtual reality applications that specially design for immersive fitness and physical exercise. Such as Fitbit adventures, virtual sports, holoball, etc.


Virtual reality is one of the best and emerging technology that is still going on. VR is basically growing on a daily basis. We just need it to embrace it in new ways so it can help human lives.

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