Difference B/w Augmented Reality Vs virtual reality

1 The system Augmented Reality the real-world scene Completely immersive virtual environment
2 In AR User always have a sense of presence in the real world In VR, visual senses are under control of the system
3 AR is 25% virtual and 75% real VR is 75% virtual and 25% real
4 This technology partially immerses the user into the action This technology fully immerses the user into the action
5 AR requires upwards of 100 Mbps bandwidth VR requires at least a 50 Mbps connection
6 No AR headset is needed. Some VR headset device is needed.
7 With AR, end-users are still in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects nearer to them. By using VR technology, VR operator is isolated from the real world and dips himself in a wholly fictional world.
7 It is used to enhance both real and virtual worlds. It is used to improve fictional reality for the gaming creation.


Advantages of AR Vs VR

1 Proposals individualized learning


Immersive knowledge


2 Fostering the knowledge process


Make an interactive environment


3 Wide variability of fields


Growth work capabilities


4 Offers innovation and nonstop improvement


Offer convenience


5 Growth accuracy


One of the most significant advantages of VR is that it helps you to generate a realistic world so that the user can explore the world.


6 Augmented reality can be used to growth user understanding and information.


Virtual reality in the instruction field makes education more easy and relaxed.


7 People can part experiences over long distances.


Virtual reality allows operators to experiment with an artificial environment.


8 Helps developers to shape games that offer “real” experience to the operator.




Disadvantages of Augmented Reality VS Virtual Reality

1 It is very exclusive to implement and advance AR technology-based plans and to keep it.


VR is becoming much more mutual, but programmers will never be able to cooperate with virtual environments.


2 Lack of confidentiality is a main disadvantage of AR.


The escapism is ordinary among those that use VR surroundings, and people start living in the virtual world instead of trade with real-world issues.


3 The low-performance level of AR devices is a major weakness that can arise through the testing phase.


Training with a VR environment not ever has the same result as training and working in the real world. This means if somebody done well with replicated tasks in a VR atmosphere, there is still no guarantee that a person doing well in the real world
4 Augmented reality can cause emotional health issues.


5 Lack of security may affect the overall augmented truth principle.  
6 Risky engagement with AR technology can lead to major healthcare issues such as eye harms and obesity etc.  
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