In the year 1950, john McCarthy invented the term artificial intelligence. Before discussing the artificial intelligence advantages firstly we should know what is it. So, it is basically an emerging technology. It tries to simulate human reasoning in the artificial intelligence system. Artificial intelligence is basically the ability of computer programs to learn and think. Everything that includes the computer program to which we were relying on human intelligence now considers in AI technology. However, there are numerous artificial intelligence advantages.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the artificial intelligence advantages. These are as follows:

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Advantages

Reduction in human error

As we know that humans make mistakes. Computers do not any mistakes if they are properly programmed. By using artificial intelligence technology, on the basis of previous data and information, the decision is made. It is the most common advantage of all the artificial intelligence advantages. There is a greater chance of reaching accuracy and also a greater degree of precision because the error can reduce with the help of AI technology.

Let’s take the example of weather forecasting. In weather forecasting for reducing the number of human errors, Artificial intelligence use widely.

Takes risk instead of humans

This is one of the biggest advantages among all the artificial intelligence advantages. By developing AI robots, the limitations of the risk by humans are overcome.  The AI robot can do risky work for humans. It can be in natural as well as man-made disasters. E.g. going to mars. Diffusion of the bomb, exploring the deepest oceans part, coal and oil mining, etc.

In simple words, we can say that where the situation is hazardous the artificial intelligence technology and robots can be used there.

Available 24/7

The average human working capacity is about 4 to 6 hours without taking any break. Humans need a break to refresh themselves and get ready themselves for the new day of work. They even get weekends off so they can interact with their personal life. On the other hand, the machines can work 24/7 without taking a break. Moreover, they did not get bored like humans. This is the main advantage among all the artificial intelligence advantages.

Let’s take the example of helplines centers or educations institutes. It handles effectively and responding to queries by using artificial intelligence technology.

Helping in repetitive jobs

In our daily lives, there is a lot of repetitive work which we have to perform like, sending mails, verifying errors in documents, etc. So, the common advantage among all the artificial intelligence advantages is that it can be used for doing repetitive tasks. In this way, the human can be free from doing repetitive or boring tasks.

The bank is the best example for explaining this. In banks, there are many repetitive documents verification tasks. So, with the help of artificial intelligence cognitive automation speed up the process of verifying the documents. Both customer and the owner will get benefit from it.

Digital assistant

Many organizations use digital assistants to interact with users. By using digital assistants there is less need for human resources. However, it is also used in many websites to provide the things that users actually want. So, some chatbots are designed in a way that they will interact with users and it is hard to determine for users that they are chatting with humans or chatbots.

It is the most common advantage of all the artificial intelligence advantages that widely uses by organizations.

Faster Decisions

Humans can take time while taking any kind of decision. Humans basically analyze both factors emotionally and practically before taking a decision. On the other hand, the machine designs by using AI technology in a way they don’t take time while making decisions. The artificial intelligence-powered machine delivers the result very fast and it performs its work as we program them to do. So, we can say that this advantage takes a major role among all the artificial intelligence advantages.

Daily Applications

Whether we are talking about phone calls, reply to an email, taking a selfie, daily applications are uses frequently. Such as Apple’s Siri, Ok Google, windows Cortana. These are all performing by using artificial intelligence technology.

New invention

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence technology is powering many inventions. It is almost in every field and solves complex problems.

By using advances AI-based technology doctors can identify breast cancer at an earlier stage. So we can say that there are numerous artificial intelligence advantages that we can see in almost every field.

Top 5 Artificial intelligence Disadvantages

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