Cyber security is an application of the modern type of technology. It protects the different kinds of application technologies, its processes, systems, networks, and other types of programs and data includes in it from cyber-attack. The purpose of cyber security is to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protects the system or any other devices from unauthorized exploitations technologies.

What is Cyber Security?

As we know that Cyber security is a process of protecting and recovering the systems, programs, devices, and other application technologies from any kind of cyber threats or attacks. However, as we see the cyber attacking is increasing day by day so the organization must adopt such technology that prevents and save their data from any kind of cyber-attack.

Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is important nowadays because of the following reason:

It protects all types of data and information from theft and damage. Moreover, it is important because the government, Army, health organizations, financial, corporate, and all the other types of an organization collect, store data and information in the computer and other kinds of technology devices. However, the data can also contain some sensitive information, this data can be of any type like personal data, some military information, financial data, etc. If the data is not secure it may cause negative consequences. SO, cyber security saves the data from unauthorized access.

The organization sends sensitive data across the network for doing their business. So, this cyber security describes the disciplines to protect data and information and used to protect and store it.

As we know the cyber threat is increasing nowadays so the organizations need to protect their personal, official, and sensitive information of business and must make strong cyber security to store their data.

Challenging of Cyber Security

If the organization wants effective cyber security then they need to do efforts on the entire information system. The different elements include cyber security technology are as follows:

Network Security

Network security is the first challenge of cyber security. It is the process of protecting and securing the network from unwanted users, unknown authorization, and cyber-attacks, threats, and instructions.

Application Security

Applications software is part of information technology. However, Applications security includes constant updates and to make ensure that the security of apps is effective or not. Moreover, constant updates will protect the programs and instructions, and apps from any cyber threats.

Endpoint Security

The purpose of endpoint security is to secure remote access to the company network. as we know that remote access is an essential part of any kind of business. The major flaw is that it can be a weak point for data so modern technology must be used for securing remote access to the company network. It is also a greater challenge to cyber security.

Data Security

As we know that data contains the information. The cyber security challenges include the security of data. Protecting the company’s major data and client information is a greater challenge and companies can protect by using modern technology like cyber security.

Identity Management

It is a process of understanding that every person in the organization has a unique identity in an organization.

Database and infrastructure Security

The organization not only includes the data but also includes its equipment. So, it is also very important to protect them as well. Modern technology or high-security system are required to protect it.

Cloud security

It is a modern type of technology. It saves a large amount of data and is 100% secure in the Cloud (Cloud computing-modern technology)

Mobile phone security

Another type of cyber security challenge that requires a high level of security and protection to save it from unauthorized access. Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices include every type of virtual Security challenge.