As we know that IoT transportation applications are already a big business. However,  According to the Allied marketing research report it is found that in 2016 it is 4135 billion USD and in the upcoming year 2023, it is expected to grow to $328 billion USD. Moreover, IoT transportations applications are basically networking of different objects. However, It is embedded with sensors and other devices. Moreover, It gathers information about real-world activities. By using IoT technology completely change the transportation sector. However,  Let’s take a deeper look that how IoT transportations applications changes this sector by the use of internet of things technology.

Benefits of IoT transportations applications

Some of the wider and top benefits of IoT transportations applications are as follows:

  • It helps to Improve Customer Experience
  • IoT technology also responsible for safety improvement
  • It is beneficial in Operational Performance
  • IoT technology applications are also responsible for Environmental Improvements

IoT transportations applications

In addition, The benefits of the internet of things technology are numerous in the sector of transportation. However, in this article, I will discuss the top five benefits of IoT transportations applications. These are as follows:

  • Management of traffic
  • Ticket and Toll
  • Connected Cars
  • The tracking system of the vehicle
  • Management of public transport

Management of traffic

When it comes to the road then IoT transportations applications will cover this biggest segment in the upcoming years. in addition, It is expected to be growing by the end of 2023 hopefully. As we know that within the cities the data is already controlled by CCTVs cameras. Moreover,  It basically collects the data about vehicles and sends them to traffic management centers. However, These are the IoT transportation applications used in centers:

  • Smart parking
  • Traffic lights
  • Accident assistance

Ticket and Toll

As we know that nowadays ticket and toll systems are old fashion. However, There are many devices that use IoT technology. Most of the modern vehicles are now updates with the IoT connection. They identify the pooling booths from a mile away. Moreover, the registered phone can do automatic payment with the use of a digital wallet so there is no need for human force on the ticket and toll plaza or booth.

Connected Cars

Nowadays the cars totally equip with IoT transportations applications. Such as sensors, monitoring applications that will monitor the brakes, engine, gas composition as well as tire pressure.

Moreover, in the future we will see that connected cars will use vehicles networks as well as radars, cameras, to help detect and communicate with each other.

The tracking system of the vehicle

It is mostly use in freight. It is beneficial for organizations as they smoothly manage fleets’ activity. The examples of IoT Transportations applications in vehicle tracking functionality are as follows:

  • Schedule of trip
  • Fleet tracking
  • Alerts for speeding
  • Vehicle load monitoring
  • Monitoring of distance travel
  • Monitoring of fuel consumptions

Management of public transport

It is the area in which NEC works smartly with the point of view of only focus the public transport system. IoT transportations applications widely uses in this segment. Moreover, With the help of the internet of things technology, it provided integrated tickets, automated fare collection, passenger display systems as well as it is also managed traffic congestion in public transport. In addition, IoT technology provides these fundamental benefits in the sector of public transport. These are as follows:

  • Vehicle tracking in a real-time
  • Analysis of data and real-time data management
  • Modified information of travel


IoT transportations applications are rapidly growing and the benefits of using the internet of things are wide. However, as we know that there are also some drawbacks to everything as well. So, in this sector only the security is an issue which needs to look. Moreover, adding more IoT devices in this sector increase the vulnerability of the network.

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