Desktop platforms for developing virtual reality Apps

While developing the best virtual reality apps we need to incorporate the most critical characteristics and features. SO, discover with us the best virtual reality apps development platforms. So, these are some desktop platforms that are used for developing virtual reality apps:

  1. Unity
  2. Amazon Sumerian
  3. Google Virtual reality
  4. Unreal engine 4
  5. Cry engine
  6. Blender
  7. 3Ds Max
  8. Sketch up studio
  9. Maya by Autodesk
  10. Medium from oculus


The people who are in gaming content then unity popular for them. Developers of the gaming industry basically use this for developing virtual reality apps for constructing, manufacturing, engineering and as well as for marketing, and many more industries. It also includes the CAD tools, designers, and as well as artist tools.

Amazon Sumerian

This product basically does not require to use the of virtual reality programming skills and knowledge in Graphics. So you can develop any kind of headset including HTC, Lenovo, or any other type of IOS and as well as Android devices.

This platform has basically the asset creator, asset editor, and as well as asset manager. Moreover, Sumerians have many amounts of learning resources.

Google Virtual reality

This tool basically supports unity, web, IOS, and as well as android. It basically allows the people about the development of an environment which they like. There are also manual guides you will find for the software development kits.

Unreal engine 4

It basically supports C++ coding and as well as python coding. As we know that it is a compelling editor, so it can also support real-time visual rendering. Blueprint is basically is the name of an engine prototyping tool. It also supports different kinds of headsets including oculus so, it is the best developing Oculus virtual reality apps.

Cry engine

This kit is basically used for the development of virtual reality apps for the popular platforms of VR technology. Such as oculus rift, Play Station 4, Xbox, and many more others. Because of this, the development of the app becomes easy as it provides excellent visuals and a sandbox. Moreover, it also provides in-built audio solutions.


This tool has many features. It is basically used to create and edit video games by using 3D models. You can also create animation by using this tool. It also allows you to create simulation and as well as virtual reality content. It also contains the feature of motion tracking.

3Ds Max

It basically helps to create the visualization, models, animation, and as well as games by using 3D max. Moreover, it allows multiple options for creation and color texture and effects creation. Many other types of features also include such as workflow, pipeline, and 3D animation. This is one of the excellent documents in the industry.

Sketch up studio

For interior designing, architecture, animations, graphics, 3D panning, and many more things this tool is best for all of these purposes. Moreover, this interface is easily useable because it contains the ability to design and create 3D features, sketch up, and as well as compelling graphics. In simple, we can say this platform basically comprises a vast amount of learning resources.

Maya by Autodesk

This tool by Autodesk basically allows creating animation, graphics VSF and many more. It basically includes the capabilities of modeling in 3D, for creating motion graphics, and as well as 3D rendering and pipeline integration. So, it is very helpful for creating virtual reality apps.

Medium from oculus

This basically allows the model, sculpting, and assets paintings if it developed successfully. It is very beneficial for beginners. Moreover, it includes one of the best developing oculus  Virtual reality apps nowadays.

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