The internet of things or IoT applications transforming the agriculture sector and many industries in different ways. At the end of 2018, the market of agriculture stood up USD 1.8 billion globally. At the end of 2023, it is expected to be approximately USD 4.3 billion at a 19.3% compound growth rate.

In the sector of agriculture, the internet of things (IoT) has a great impact. According to the statistic, by the end of 2050 the global population is reached about 9.6 billion. So, the agriculture industry is bounded to adopt the internet of things technology. For eradicating the future challenges like weather condition, climate changes, and many more others the IoT applications transforming the agriculture sector.

However, in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 IoT applications that transforming the agriculture sector.

IoT applications in agriculture

Internet of things based applications improves the entire sector of agriculture.  With the help of sensors and other IoT technologies saved the time of farmers as well as it also reduced the extravagant use of resources such as water and electricity. Here, are top 5 IoT applications that are transforming the future of agriculture sector. These are as follows:

  1. Climate Conditions
  2. Precision Farming
  3. Smart Greenhouse
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Agricultural Drones

Climate Conditions

Climate conditions plays an important role in farming. If the person have improper knowledge about climate changes then it greatly weakens the quality and quantity of the crop production. IoT application enables you to know about the weather conditions. Sensors are basically placed inside and as well as outside of the fields. They basically collects the data from environment and choose the right crops that fits in that particular weather condition. Moreover the IoT ecosystem made of different sensors and it detects humidity, rainfall and much more.

Precision Farming

Precision farming is basically the one of the most popular IoT applications in the sector of agriculture. The aim of precision farming is basically to collect the data from sensors and react according to the data. Moreover, it also enables the farmer to gather data with the help of sensors and make decisions according to the data. However, there are different types of precision farming techniques. Some of them are as follows:

They play an important role by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in agriculture. Moreover, with the help of IoT technology, precision farming we can analyze the conditions of oil and other parameters as well.

Smart Greenhouse

To make smart greenhouse, IoT applications enables the weather conditions automatically and it will also set the condition according to the given instructions. The adoption of IoT technology in greenhouse basically eliminate the intervention of human. As a result of this, the entire greenhouse process will be cost effective and as well as it increase the accuracy.

Data Analytics

The data base systems do not have enough storage that they can collect data from internet of things sensors. So, the cloud bases storage basically play an important role in smart agriculture system. As we know that In IoT applications, the sensors are only way to collect the information and data on a large scale. The data analytics basically helps in the analysis of weather conditions, crop conditions and as well as livestock conditions. So, with the help of the Internet of things devices we know the real-time data about the condition of the crops by collecting the data from sensors. The analysis of data basically helps the farmers to know the upcoming weather conditions and harvestings of crops.

Agricultural Drones

Introduction of drones in the agriculture sector basically revolutionized the entire process of farming. The IoT applications or use the ground and Aerial drones are basically use for the analysis of crops health, planting, monitoring, spraying and as well as analysis of, by using the proper technology and use of drone technology in real-time rise has makeover the agriculture sector.

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