Cyber Security technologies

As we know that there are many cyber security technologies are growing day by day. Due to this the cyber warfare continuous to gain heat. Moreover, there are many cases of cyber-attacks that are also increasing in the sector of healthcare, water system, and also a power pride. As we know that man creates technologies and it is also the man who can get better the technology. There is no cyber security mechanism that is foolproof. However, in this article, we are going to explain the top 5 advanced cyber security technologies that are widely used by many organizations.

Top 5 Latest Cyber Security technologies

Here is the list of the top 5 latest cyber security technologies. these technologies are most important for business organizations. these are as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Blockchain Cybersecurity
  • Embedded Hardware Verification
  • Zero Trust Model

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence becomes the most famous word nowadays. But the question is arise how we can apply AI in cyber security. Basically, the application working is just quite similar to two factors authentication. Based upon up to 2 to3 parameters two factors authentication basically identify and confirms the user identity. When we have to add more information and authentication in the system then Artificial intelligence comes to this point. Deep learning basically uses to analyze different types of data. Like logs, real-time communications detect threats and unwarranted activities. So at this point, cyber security technologies like AI and deep learning come into the picture.

Behavioral Analytics

Facebook data breach fray is one of the best ways to withdrawal data for Behavioral Analysis. This technique is widely used when we have to target the right set of audiences for social media or any kind of online advertisement. Behavioral analytics is widely used these days for the development of the latest cyber security technologies. Basically, behavioral analytics helps to determine real-time cyber threats. Moreover, it widely uses in networks, applications, and systems.

Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain cyber security basically includes in one of the latest cyber security technologies. Its main objective is to gain recognition and momentum. Basically, blockchain technology works on the identification between two parties. It works on the basis of peer-to-peer network fundamentals. Moreover, each member in the blockchain is equally responsible for verifying the authenticity of data. It also provides an impenetrable network that will safeguard data from hackers. So we can say that blockchain and artificial intelligence both will create a healthy verification system that will keep the data safe.

Embedded Hardware Verification

Nowadays, PIN codes or passwords or not enough for providing foolproof security to the system or hardware. Embedded verification is included in the one of emerging cyber security technologies for the verification of a user’s identity. Let’s take the example of INTEL. It introduced the latest sixth-generation vPro chips. These are user identification or verification chip. These are embedded in the hardware itself. It is basically designed to revolutionize verification security.

Zero Trust Model

This model of cyber security technology is actually based on consideration. As we can see from the name it states that the network is already compromised. So if we believe this statement it means that we cannot trust the network. So, we must have to enhance security both internally and externally. Crux basically provides security both internally and externally as we know that we need equal protection for both. These cyber security technologies include the identification of a business, critical data, and also the flow of data. Moreover it also with the help of automation and constant monitoring it controls the physical and logical data.

These are all the latest cyber security technologies.

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