In this article, we are discussing artificial intelligence projects ideas. If you want to know about the latest technology this content is very helpful for you. Technology is spread in a world very quickly. So it is very important to know about it.

Best artificial intelligence projects are:

Stock Price Prediction

One of the best AI project ideas is this one. The stock market is a favorite of machine learning scientists. That’s because it packs with information. You can quickly get various types of datasets and start working on a project. Students interested in working in the financial industry will like this work as it will give them valuable insight into many aspects of the industry. Stock market feedback loops are also short, which helps verify your forecasts.

In this AI project, you can try to forecast the 6-month price fluctuations of a stock using data from reports provided by the organization.

Facial Recognition and Detection Project

This is one of the most general artificial intelligence projects ideas. This project seeks to expand a new modern application of Deep Learning: facial emotion recognition. Although facial emotion recognition has long been the subject of research and study, we are only now witnessing tangible results of that analysis.

The Deep Learning facial emotion detecting and recognizing system designing to identify and interpret human facial expressions. It can detect major human emotions in real-time, including happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, and neutrality. First, the automatic facial expression recognition system will detect facial expressions from a messy scene to perform facial feature extraction and facial expression classification.

You will then apply a convolution neural network to train a dataset. This artificial intelligence project’s benefit is data set contains seven facial features: happy, sad, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and neutral. The unique aspect of this facial emotion detection and acknowledgment system is that it can monitor human emotions, discriminate between good and bad emotions, and label them appropriately. You can also use the tagged emotional information to identify a person’s thought patterns and behavior.

Gmail Smart Reply

Gmail Smart Reply uses a machine-learning algorithm to suggest responses to email. It is based on a novel hierarchy of thought where each hierarchical model can learn, remember and recognize a sequential pattern. As you respond, consider whether it is a positive gesture or a negative gesture. It uses technologies such as semantics and recurrent long-short-term memory (LSTM) neural networks.

Transportation by taxi

Here, taxi companies like Uber and Ola can use AI to determine the fastest route using maps, customer waiting time, traffic congestion, the concentration of customers, type of services, such as exactly where customers travel. Taxis, price estimates, and customer experience. These are artificial intelligence projects.

This could be a worthwhile venture because the program provides several benefits to the transportation department. Therefore Car transportation and other heavy vehicles are expected to employ AI to a great extent, which will make the customer experience more predictive and provide a highly satisfying experience.


This is one of the great AI project ideas for beginners. This AI project consists of building a banking bot that uses artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze user queries to understand their message and, consequently, take the appropriate action. It is an application specially designed for banks where users can ask questions related to the bank, such as accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. If you want to develop artificial intelligence projects. This is the best one.

The banking bot is an Android application. Like a chatbot, it trains to process user requests and understand what services or information they are looking for. The bot will interconnect with users like another human being. So no matter how you ask a question, the bot can answer it and, if necessary, even escalate issues to human executives.


Artificial intelligence is growing very fast in the world nowadays. The latest application all built using artificial intelligence. Ai-based projects are very helpful for decreasing human resources and working efficiently.

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